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All events are FREE & open to the community! 

Click on any event to Sign-Up! ps. Don't forget to invite your friends. 🤗

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Co-host an event with us?

👋🏼 Event Collaborators Wanted! So you want to host an event with us? We’re so honored! Before we get into how to apply to be a host, we’d like to tell you a little bit about us.

What is Don’t Be Strangers?

Don’t Be Strangers ✨☺️ is a podcast and social experiment for learning to create meaningful connections together via collaborative conversations! We’re working to fight adult loneliness and change the narrative that “making friends as an adult is hard.”

Our Values: Community, Courage, Curiosity, and most importantly #BIGKIDENERGY 🛹✨

What we’re looking for?

Now that you know more about us, where do you come in?

We’re looking for anyone with a skill/idea that they would like to share with the DBS community. Ideas can be anything from hosting an online wellness challenge to giving guitar lessons and so much more. Creative freedom is so important to us and our community, so absolutely all ideas are welcomed and encouraged! 🤗

How To Become An Event Collaborator?

To sign up to become an event collaborator with Don’t Be Strangers, all you have to do is fill out our quick and easy event form! The event form allows us to share your vision and learn a little bit about you.