you belong here

Have you ever lost yourself in a conversation that not only inspires you, but also makes you feel heard? A conversation so interesting, so raw, and so real that you felt like this is the true meaning of being alive. 

Now imagine... a community full of friends seeking exactly just that.

welcome to the club


Pen Pals  ✍🏼 


Coffee Dates ☕️

(or whatever way you like to deepen friendships)


find friends,

we'll help!

Be personally connected with 2 new friends a month!


events + 


Connect live with everyone in casual + formal events. Weekly scheduled coworking sessions will help you get your letters written! 


who are you?

who will you meet?

Student of life, introspective thinker, open-minded listener, and unconventional lifestyle enthusiast!!


let's grow


Receive journal/writing prompts and deadlines for developing  stronger friendships with everyone in the club.

Green Typewriter
a whole community experience


Joining our Club gives you access to:

  •  🔐 private channels in our Discord Community!

  • exclusive email list with all your pen paling instructions

  • online community events to bring us all together

who’s who?

Every month, pairing is done by randomizing the entire list of names so that each person is assigned to contact the next person down the list (the last person will contact the first person at the top of the list)!

Yes, everyone will meet 2 new friends a month!

let's talk!

Along with the pairings, you will also be given a few journal prompts/interesting questions taken right from the Don’t Be Strangers Podcast!

  •  Prefer to write? ✍🏼 Ponder, scribble, and send your answer to your new friends.

  • Prefer to chat? 💬 Set up a call — we’ll walk you through how to schedule!!



  • Sign up by the last day of any given month to join in the next month's round! 📝

  • On the first Monday of every month, you will receive BOTH an email & Discord instructions inside our private Club Member channels with

    • talking points/discussion questions

    • your 2 new friends!!

  • Get instructions and reminders for when to...

    • Prefer to write? ✍🏼 Ponder, scribble, and send your answers to your new friends.

    • Prefer to talk? 💬 Set up a call — we’ll walk you through how to schedule!!

  • Connect with everyone!

    • Be the first to find out about virtual meet-up events to meet the entire crew, connect names to faces, and share some good vibes. 💞

    • Weekly accountability co-working sessions where you can chill and do your own thing (or maybe use it as scheduled time to write to your pen pal...?).

    • Host or participate in community events~! 📚

OK the month’s over...What’s next?

Really this experience is whatever you want to make of it! If you stay in for the next month’s round, yessss you’ll be paired with 2 other new friends, but if you were able to get a good conversation going with your previous pairing and the vibe is good — by all means, keep the conversations going!!


PS: The longer you stay in the club and the more people you get to know, the repetition and familiarity of each of the members will start to make the club start to feel more like family! 🏡

why $5/month?

I only want people who are serious about connecting to join!

For less than a price of a latte ☕️ you will…

  • have access to an entire community of empathetic, introspective, and adventurous friends

  • be personally connected to 2 members of the community

  • have the opportunity to discuss in-depth, thought-provoking topics over soul-nourishing conversations

If you ever get tired or just want a pause, you can unsubscribe & re-subscribe any time! We will be waiting for you!


Also, let's be real... who's guilty of signing up for ALL the free things and then because it was free, not actually committing? (me, oops) So this is to make sure we're all-in about this! 

Reading a Book

This little pen pals meetup warmed my heart on this Sunday evening - it was exactly what I needed after a long, stressful week, and I'm so grateful that you created this space for us to authentically connect with others in the group.

Sunday Feb 27, 2022