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hi, it's nice to meet you!



love letters

i'm xinyi ("shin-yee"), please feel free to click around!

café/ travel recs

creative chimera (n.)

anyone who is drawn to the beauty and art of everything, refuses to stick with any given art medium as their go-to form of creative expression, and seek novelty in everyone they meet and everywhere they go.


i'm a creative chimera, 🌙🐉

a little bit of everything and refusing to niche. I just think life's too short to compromise your interests? 

instead of explaining too much, you can click around my different platforms (above) to explore a bit of my interests and my creative process!! in case you landed on this page from my personal links, this is also my website for my podcast + "pen pals" club! ✍🏼


please make yourself at home. 🏡

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